New Location!

I had two blogs. This one, which was never intended to go beyond a year, and was simply a project whose goal was to take a picture of Lake Superior every day and compare/contrast how the color palette changed from day to day, month to month. The second was Working With What I Have, which began as a way for me to catalog my most and least favorite recipes for easy reference. Eventually, though, I started adding posts that had nothing to do with daily photos or food. What I wanted to post didn’t fit in either of these blogs. So I combined them into a general “my life” themed blog which I’m calling:

Life Lived

What does that mean for Daily Duluth? It means it’s over, folks. Anything I would have posted here, will now be posted over at Life Lived. I’ve transferred all my posts from both former blogs to Life Lived so nothing (theoretically) will be lost.

So come join me at Life Lived – a blog about food, the outdoors, pets and everything that makes life good.